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Birthday/ Anniversary

Birthday/ Anniversary

Lush green farm house, poolside Spanish villa and a great amphitheater. Zorba’s magical facilities will serve as the perfect venue for your special day. The magnificent set up, a great musical experience, international cuisine and attentive staff of Zorba make it a great platform for a truly unforgettable affair.

Imagine celebrating a birthday/ anniversary with a live musical performance by world-class artists, an amazing play area for kids, cascading trees and dancing lights on lush green farm house all this on the main road connecting south Delhi and Gurgaon.

Zorba would love to create a powerful and magical experience for your special day

Birthday/ Anniversary experience @ Zorba includes

  • Amphitheater Zone with a capacity of 1000 and a huge 45’ * 25’ stage (Open to Sky)
  • Rear Party Lawn with a capacity of 400 & 30’ * 30’ stage area (Open to Sky)
  • Poolside Lawn with a capacity of 150 & 35’ * 18’ stage area (Semi covered)

Facilities @ Zorba

  • Green Rooms and Lounges
  • Valet Parking for more than 100 cars
  • Additional Parking Facility on demand
  • Dance Floor
  • Kid's Corner, decoration and play stalls on demand
  • Security with CCTV Surveillance
  • Imported Rattan Furniture, Chair, Table and Linen setup.
  • High Quality D&B Sound System with DJ
  • Intelligent lighting including LED, Moving Heads, Sodium and Focus lights
  • Water Body and Landscaping for those picture perfect moments
  • Catering with sumptuous international cuisine
License Information: 
  • For Live Performance a PPL Licence is to be procured by the host
  • Host needs to acquire P10 licence for serving liquor
  • Zorba does not permits serving liquor which is not purchased from Delhi Wine Shops
  • We do not serve liquor to anyone below the age of 25