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Amphitheater@ Zorba
Stage area - 45' X 25' , Amphitheater area - 200' X 180'
1,000 People

Zorba offers an incredible amphitheater with lush green ambiance, artistic landscaping, picturesque water bodies, best in class sound and intelligent lighting.

Kitchen@ Zorba

Zorba is equipped with a state of art kitchen with separate ranges for Asian, Indian and Continental food. Kitchen is equipped with a cold room and a full bakery section.

At Zorba, we provide a great experience served with super sound and lights.

Lights play a very vital role in the Zorba experience.

Lounges@ Zorba
100 People

Zorba experience includes distinguished executive lounges for meeting spaces that can accommodate groups of varied sizes.

Poolside@ Zorba
Stage area - 35' X 18', Lawn area - open to sky - 40' X 30' - semi covered - (15' X 30') + 15' X 40') + (15' X 60')
150 People

A Spanish poolside villa to host those memorable and picturesque parties. The villa comes equipped with a seating capacity of 100 and a 35’ * 18’ poolside stage area for live performances.

Rear Lawn@ Zorba
Stage area : 30' X 30', Lawn area : 120' X 50' + 160' X 70'
400 People

Move from Amphitheater towards Poolside Villa and there’s the picturesque rear lawn to create those memorable moments with a seating capacity of up to 400 and a 30’ * 30’ stage area for live perfor

Sound@ Zorba

At Zorba, music is about discovering great musical talent from around the world, served in a wonderful ambiance with super sound and decor.